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About Us

Initially completed and opened in 1965, Durfee School has undergone extensive remodeling and modernization. Our current classrooms contain internet wiring in every room, functional playground equipment, and a drop-off zone and parking lot. Our gym features basketball and volleyball courts, seating for 500, and provides us with an indoor physical education and recreation facility. A fitness room provides additional opportunities for students to become and stay physically healthy. The athletic field was  completed at the end of 2004.

Durfee was the recipient of a grant from Amigos de los Rios, which allowed for the construction of a river walk and outdoor classroom on the south side of the Durfee field, and an extended walking path on the north and east side of the school’s perimeter. Additional trees have been planted all around the campus and its outside perimeter. We are part of the Emerald Necklace in the San Gabriel Valley. The walk is an exact replication of the botanical and riparian wilderness that once was the center of the San Gabriel Valley.

Most classrooms are in two permanent two-story buildings. We have a room specifically designed and only used for music with seating for 75. We have an industrial arts program offering drafting, woodshop and metal shop. We also have a room dedicated for classes in home economics. It is outfitted with sewing machines and four kitchens.